Monday, 19 November 2007


Up the tree lined boulevard, unashamedly modelled on Paris, to the National Art Gallery to see the Renior Landscape exhibition. The audio tape explaining the pictures added to the viewing.... the chidren's version was most enlightening.... and I got 95% in the test at the end. Did you know that this was the era when paint became available in tubes, making painting on site much quicker - a real blessing to artists and models alike.

The twilight view of the city from the steps of the Gallery, looking back down the boulevard was as beautiful as the pictures inside.


Nancy McIntosh said...

Hi Valda, Someone once told me if you can't travel read travel books but nowadays we can follow people on their blogs. Hope you have a great time. Best of luck. Nan from N.Z.

sMC said...

lovely photos, but we need some words, not too good at guessing. welcome to blogland.

Helen Conway said...

Got here via Brenda's blog - keep posting the photos - it is inpsiration for my future trips but I agree with smc- some story of your trips would be great too. (Assumming you are not too busy having a fun time of course!!)