Tuesday, 4 December 2007

The Danube

We moved to Györgyi's house as planned, managed the tube by ourselves and spent the afternoon down by the river.

We came across sets of shoes in bronze, all sizes and shapes. A moving and sobering memorial to the men women and children who were massacred as they tried to cross the Danube in 1944.

The Parliament buildings are well known for their size and architectral style, and were just as pretty as the pictures.

We walked to Margrit Island, place of palaces, harems, monastries, and convents with genuine Roman ruins. It was three oclock and no heat in the sun which was a watery orange in the haze behind the trees. Very pretty, eerie, and very, very cold. We managed to get to the right stop and went by tram into town.

St István Basilica - amazing statues, frescoes, candelabra's with candles as big as your arms. We heard the beginning of the mass and the music was beautiful.

By this time we had developed what I call the Meer Cat syndrome. Remember the Telecom advertisement in the early 199o's where the Meer cat popped up, looked around and disappeared again? This was us at the metro stations - this exit- no this one - no wrong side of street - try again.

Bence passed the exam he sat that day. A time to celebrate.

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sMC said...

your words are like pictures. What a wonderful time you are having. snow brrrrrrrrr. Happy travels.