Tuesday, 4 December 2007

Schöbrunn Palace.

We had a slow start to help overcome our colds then headed off out of town to Schöbrunn Palace.

The grounds and gardens are massive, with trees laid out in wide avenues and fountains and statues eveywhere. The Roman ruins fascinated us - until we found that a collection of ruins and statues had been recreated on the spot. Still the pieces were authentic.

It turned cold as snow clouds gathered - time to go inside for an amazing history lesson. As we walked from room to room we learned about the various kings and emporers and about Marie-Therese who ruled fo a long time. She had 11 daughters whom she married off wisely (or not wisely, if you were Marie Antoinette and ended up under the guillotine). Austria does not make war - she makes marriages".

Each room had it own style and use. Of particular interest was the ballroom. One end was bombed during the war and had been restored to original, including redoing the frescoes. It was also the room where Kennedy met Kruschev.

Outside it was warmer, and snowing for a short while - just lightly, but enough to justify a hot drink, (not alcoholic this time) followed by soup served in bread, at the Christmas market set up in the palace grounds. Delia spoke a little German with the couple sharing our table, and was encouraged by them to keep on trying.

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