Sunday, 6 January 2008

Baradla Cave, Aggtelek

Photo later

Ever since I read about the labyrinth of caves on the Hungarian/Slovakia border, I wanted to visit. The caves run for 22km on both sides of the border. They were used during the war, and during that time many new passages were discovered. Iron bars blocked the pathways for many years, but they were cut through after the changes in government in 1989/1990.

Of the many options we chose the hour walk, which was just right since our guide spoke no English. The glowworm grotto of our Waitomo Caves is still the prettiest, but these formations take the prize for size and grandeur. There is even seating in the concert chamber. We heard recorded music but how amazing it must be to be there for a live performance.

After lunch in the sun we took the track to the top of the limestone face and photographed the contryside. No visit is complete without a walk to Slovakia (half a km). This is an historic photo as after the end of 2007 there is free travel between Hungary and Slovakia.

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