Sunday, 6 January 2008

Fony - the village

Fony is a little village at the foot of a mountain. The populationof 1200 in 1800's reduced to 800 after the war, but only about 400 people live there now.

A house built in 1836 could have been the type of house my grandfather grew up in. Typical of the period it is built of stone, then plastered. It has no windoes or doors on the north side and the long side faces due south to capture maximum sun. The family lived at one end and the animals were housed in the other, being taken out daily to graze.

The village has three churches - Roman Catholic, Reform - grand old buildings, and a newish evangelical one.

There are many unemplyed people here, and quite a few gypsies. There is a hot meals available at low cost every day.

We had asked for evening meals to be provided. Made a mistake actually, as it was a different guest house that offered that option. But undaunted, our host arranges for a village girl to come in and cook traditional food. It was good too.

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