Sunday, 6 January 2008

Fony - and family

Delia noticed it first - on the bus from Miskolc to Novijdrany many of our fellow travellers had noses shaped the same as mine. This confirmed we were in home territory - but more excitement to come.

Our host, Csaba, had done some research and had the address of someone who wanted to meet us. She had been a Kerekes and her parents graves we amongst the ones we saw in the cemetry earlier in the day.

There is no doubt that Istvan, Anna and Maria (twins) are distant cousins. Anna's wedding photo showed a young lady so like me at the same age, it was unbelievable.

Csaba acted as interpreter, and I was able to explain how I had come to think Fony was where the family emigrated to USA from around 1900.

Two days later we discovered my grandfather's birth entry in the church records. The records showed a family of four children, one of whom, Josef, would be the Uncle Joe my father mentioned.We recorded entries back four generations, but did not have time to investigate all entries and establish the link to the cousins. However we have some papers and an address in USA to follow up.

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